I have shown close ups of this in the 10th 14th photos

The sexual ratio within the flock is three or four female geese to one gander. Goslings are usually slaughtered for meat at the age of six months, when they weigh 3 kg; with intensive nurturing, in 60 days. The liveweight of adult ganders is 5 kg, with a maximum of up to 12 kg; of female geese, 4 kg, with a maximum of up to 10 kg..

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canada goose outlet I ordered a large size. I like how it doesn’t make me look big, but most of all keeps me warm during snow/chilly days. I didn’t need to layer up with this jacket.. He has a large appetite, which earned him the derisive nickname “Snacks” in one episode. Bear can be described as very loyal to those few he considers his friends. Honesty and trust are also paramount with him, as in one episode he stops talking to Franklin for an excruciating amount of time after Franklin breaks a promise and spoils a secret canada goose outlet.

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